Project-to-project perspective

Project Management and Cost Management for Corporations & Institutions

Repeat project successes across multiple construction timelines. Unlike outdated, partially implemented project playbooks methods, PRA’s proprietary approach delivers reliable results by controlling risk and streamlining existing processes. Our experts utilize advanced Stepflo technology to provide the real-time reporting and audit-ready tracking that corporations and institutions need to control project outcomes.

Feasibility & preconstruction

  • Capital plan services
  • Development & project execution
  • Cost planning
  • Valuation & estimating
  • Procurement execution

Design and construction contract management

  • Contract development
  • Procurement execution
  • Pre-purchasing
  • Contract management
  • Cost management
  • Scheduling
  • Construction conceptual and detailed estimating
  • Claims & dispute resolution
  • Forensics analytics

Specialty services

  • Independent monitoring
  • Project delivery risk  management
  • Technology integration

Start streamlining project processes

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